Friday, November 26, 2010

The "Shop"

Have you ever wondered what the "shop" looks like? When people talk about working from home, I'm always intrigued. I wonder, do they have a separate space for this, like a home office? Or is everything spread all over the dining table? Where do their customers come from? Do they sell locally?

So, I thought it would be fun to share my work space with you. For the most part, my shop is relegated to our very large walk-in closet - but not limited to. Fabric is measured, cut and trimmed on the master bedroom floor. You'll find my laptop on the kitchen counter, that way I can renew and post items whenever I get a spare moment....however, my photo editing, tag printing, and bookkeeping takes place on the home computer in our spare bedroom. The spare room also holds my tubs of completed ready-made items. Pretty much everything else happens in the closet...except when it migrates out for an evening or two... And my customers, well they are from all around the world. My online shop allows me to sell anywhere! But I also sell locally, in little consignment shops, baby boutiques and at craft fairs.

Here's the shop~

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  1. all things apart, i want to sit down and take the time to appriciate your blog background, content and pretty pictures. the flowers look amazing thanks for being so creative.