Wednesday, December 22, 2010

This Week's Treasure

Look what I found at our local antique thrift store! There were several unique buttons around the edges of the tub which had me itching to see what other treasures lay inside...but the lid was taped shut! So, $13 later and they were on their way home with me. As I drove, I was reminded of all the times my mother took me to Ben Franklin's as a little girl, where I'd stand FOREVER at the huge button barrel...sorting, collecting, studying & dreaming up projects.

Let the sorting begin! While most are plastic there are several wooden buttons, as well as a few leather...even a couple glass buttons.

Now don't you just want to run your fingers through these :)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Rocky Road Fudge

Check out all of the fabulous holiday-themed projects, gift ideas, and more from our wonderful EtsyMom Blog Hop Contributors from around the world!!

Here's how it works:
1. Hop through each of the blogs listed above to get fabulous holiday inspiration and leave a comment. If you are starting at a blog in the middle of the Hop, start back at the EtsyMom Blog. You may have to scroll down a bit on the blogs to find the Blog Hop posts as the week progresses.
2. Leave a comment on the EtsyMom Blog post between now and December 11, 2010.
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Sorry - you cannot enter the giveaway here on my blog.

On December 11, 2010 we'll choose a winner using the Random Integer Generator from The winner will receive this super sweet gift basket full of handmade holiday goodies, including:

a pair of Turquoise Earrings from
a greeting card from
a lampwork bead bracelet by
sterling silver and Swarovski pearl/crystal holiday earrings by
a cream colored cotton scarf given by
a raincloud ornament from
a matching splat mat and baby bib from
two pair of earrings from
a gift pack of over 30 pages of vintage paper ephemera by
a lovely sustainable stocking from
a set of holly jolly gift tags from
a set of toddler pajamas in a style of the winner's choice from
a $15 gift certificate from
A gift certificate from http://babyswank.etsy,com/
A Custom copper heart necklace from

Here's my contribution to the Holly Day Blog Hop:

Rocky Road Fudge

I love this easy fudge recipe (no candy thermometer needed) passed to me by my mother. It's my "go-to" dessert for any get together, the first thing my husband asks for at the beginning of the holiday season and, thanks to this blog, I'm eating a piece now!

What you'll need:
12 oz package of semi sweet choc chips

14oz can of sweetened condensed milk

2 tablespoons butter, margarine or other butter spread

2 cups dry roasted peanuts --I love the taste of salty peanuts and chocolate, but not too salty, so I do 1 cup salted, 1 cup unsalted.

10.5 oz package of mini marshmallows

In large bowl, combine peanuts and marshmallows. In sauce pan, melt chocolate chips with sweetened condensed milk and butter over medium-low heat until smooth. Remove chocolate from burner and pour over marshmallow/peanut mixture. Mix well. Spread into a wax paper lined 13x9" pan. Chill 2 hours. Cut into squares (makes about 40 squares...or 4 big ones!)

Let me know how yours turns out! ~Jocelyn

Here's the next stop:

Friday, November 26, 2010

The "Shop"

Have you ever wondered what the "shop" looks like? When people talk about working from home, I'm always intrigued. I wonder, do they have a separate space for this, like a home office? Or is everything spread all over the dining table? Where do their customers come from? Do they sell locally?

So, I thought it would be fun to share my work space with you. For the most part, my shop is relegated to our very large walk-in closet - but not limited to. Fabric is measured, cut and trimmed on the master bedroom floor. You'll find my laptop on the kitchen counter, that way I can renew and post items whenever I get a spare moment....however, my photo editing, tag printing, and bookkeeping takes place on the home computer in our spare bedroom. The spare room also holds my tubs of completed ready-made items. Pretty much everything else happens in the closet...except when it migrates out for an evening or two... And my customers, well they are from all around the world. My online shop allows me to sell anywhere! But I also sell locally, in little consignment shops, baby boutiques and at craft fairs.

Here's the shop~

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Green Baby Expo 2010

The Green Baby Expo 2010 was an amazing experience! Here's a sample of my wares.
BPA free laminated, washable bibs. Splat mats at top. Smattering of felt hair clips.
Nursing covers and more bibs.
Splat mats - BPA free, wipeable, washable!

A place to stop and play while mom shops.

Bib in action.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Green Baby Expo, Here I Come!

Happy Friday! Today is guaranteed be a whirlwind of activity. Tumbling class for the little one, shipping off my last couple of orders, lunch, nap, drive to Redding, pick up Baby's Indulgence banner, get settled in at my parents and then GO TO BED! Hoping for a restful as set up for the Green Baby Expo starts at 7:30am Saturday morning.

I promise to take lots of pictures. Hope to see you there!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Meet my friend Jan, owner of Pear Creek Cottage on Etsy

I have this friend. Her name is Jan. She is such an amazing and talented woman. If I could only knit or crochet half as well as she does... But that's getting a little off base. The reason I'm really here is to share her etsy shop, Pear Creek Cottage, with you. She has quite a collection of fun and unique stamps, handmade cards, hand felted animals, even some vintage glass. Plus paper crafting supplies, too!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Bibs, bibs, bibs galore!

Pin 'em, cut 'em, sew 'em, snap 'em....Every spare minute, well nearly every, is spent making bibs.
We're gearing up for the Green Baby Expo where we'll be selling our BPA free wipeable bibs and splat mats. Stop by and see us!

Green Baby Expo - "A one-day event to educate, inform and inspire eco-minded consumers about ways to make our environment, homes and lives safer, healthier, and happier places to live for our children."

Saturday, October 16th 10am-5pm
Redding Convention Center
Entrance $5 Per Family
on facebook at Green Baby Expo

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fall is Upon Us

The days are shorter, the nights are cooler and sadly, my garden is dying off. There are just a few tomatoes and one, lonely zucchini left...along with the last of the sunflowers and zinnias. There is a certain sadness I feel when summer comes to an end and the last of the garden dies off. I had to pull up a few plants this evening, not enough to make the garden bare, but just enough to make the impending 'clean up' a bit easier. Maybe I'll try to grow a winter garden this year.

The thing I love about this time of year is it always draws me into the kitchen. Today, I made a big pot of chicken soup. Along with the usual chicken, celery and carrots, I threw in the weeks leftover veggies. Zucchini and brown rice from Saturday's dinner, corn from Sunday, broccoli from last night. It made a might fine soup! And for dessert we had baked pears and vanilla ice cream. Yum!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Now Selling Custom Tablecloths

Get ready to show off that table, whether indoors or out, because they're finally here...those tablecloths I talked about months ago. I'm offering them in 5 sizes and 6 different prints. With more to come-time management willing. All are rectangular except for one square. If your table is oblong measure it because one of these just might work!

The best part - they are waterproof and wipe-able. Plus the laminate coating is BPA free and PVC free, making these tablecloths a safe alternative to oilcloth!

Square - 55x55" $38
Large - 55x75" $58
X Large - 55x85" $68
XX Large - 55x102" $88
XXX Large - 55x120" $98

When you're not using it as a table covering, use it as a splat mat under your craft table, kids play dough table or baby's highchair.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Fabulous Fabric Shop in Redding

The Fabulous Fabric Shop is owned and operated by Renee Noel, who has an eye for fashion and a talent for sewing.
A few weeks ago, I visited a new fabric shop in my home town of Redding, Ca. You can't even imagine my surprise to see AMY BUTLER's fabrics through the window!! I had nearly given up hope that anyone within a 150 mile radius even new who Amy Butler is...or even Michael Miller for that matter!
Renee told me she "hopes to offer a range of designer fabrics that can not be found in other shops in Redding". Already she's impressed me with several lines from Amy Butler and a variety of Riley Blake prints. Amy Butler's Lotus
Riley Blake
At one glance at her list of classes and I could see she has a desire to teach other's the love of sewing. Beginning sewing, Kid's Sewing Camps, Teen & Adult Workshops - aprons, pjs, scrubs, reversible handbags, zipper installation, lil' girl dress workshop - I could go on! And she regularly hosts some fun DIY nights - Craft Buffet, Spa Party, Fashion Show...
If you're ever in the area, stop by and see Renee and her Fabulous Fabric Shop @ 1814 Churn Creek Road in Redding, CA
And if you're in the area soon...The Fabulous Fabric Shop is having a huge sale August 26-29th...40% off all fabric, trims, notions, and patterns!

LOVE, Love, love - Amy Bulter's LOVE LINE of home decor fabrics
Renee's creativity translates into this gloriously adorned mannequin

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Let the festivities begin!

Well, it's offical, my sweet baby girl is no longer a baby. Boohoo! She's just turned 2 and she knows it! Amazing how she's changed overnight from a dependent, mama's girl into an independent, want-to-do-it-myself 'er.

Just wanted to share some pictures from the festivities...and the decorations of course.
the birthday girl

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Man, am I bad at this blogging thing or what?!? Well, here I am...several weeks have past since my last post...Just thought I'd share an amazing sale going on in the ETSY world. There is a huge, and I mean HUGE, Christmas in July sale going on right now on Tons of etsy sellers are featuring items in their shops at discount and free shipping steals! You can find all kinds of things on Handmade goodies, vintage items, even crafting supplies! If you want to see all the Christmas in July items just type CIJ into the search tab and browse away. I even have items in the sale...FREE SHIPPING on all bibs and select splat mats!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

New Splat Mats for Summer

There are so many new prints in the shop and I'm loving every second with them!
Here are some of the latest by Heather Bailey.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New splat mats are about to hit the shop!!

Check out these brand new laminated cotton prints! Not only are they cute - they're also BPA & PVC free! Won't they make the cutest splat mats? All fruity, retro and kitcheney...

And can you just imagine them as a summer table cloth! I'm already seeing apples and pears with an extra wide black and white polka dot border.
Now I just have to find some free time (what's that?) to whip up a couple splat mats for the shop. I'll let you know when they're available!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Our Splat Mats are Baby Tested and Mommy Approved!

Thank you, Momma Drama, for taking the time to test and review our splat mats! See what this mommy has to say on her blog and become a follower! She's also currently featuring several giveaways.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Playdough - A Great Indoor Activity

Yesterday we made playdough. I was a little hesitant to try playdough with my 18 month old daughter...I was fearful she'd eat it or smear it into the it turned out it was a wonderful experience, for both of us! You might notice a couple funny things, I had goldfish crackers on the activity table-in an effort to discourage playdough eating, and my daughter is wearing a purple tutu with her PJs. She loves that tutu!
I made the cooked playdough from a recipe found at Then divided the warm lump into 10 equal balls. I used Wilton icing color for some unique color variety. The pot was a little messy but it cleaned up super easy. Here's the recipe I used:

3 cups flour
1.5 cups salt
6 tsp cream of tarter
3 tbsp oil
3 cups water
1. Dissolve salt in the water.
2. Pour all ingredients into a large pot.
3. Stir constantly over medium heat until a ball forms by pulling away from the sides.
4. Knead the dough mixture until the texture matches playdough (1-2 minutes).
Store in plastic container. Should last for at least 3 months.