Monday, January 25, 2010

Playdough - A Great Indoor Activity

Yesterday we made playdough. I was a little hesitant to try playdough with my 18 month old daughter...I was fearful she'd eat it or smear it into the it turned out it was a wonderful experience, for both of us! You might notice a couple funny things, I had goldfish crackers on the activity table-in an effort to discourage playdough eating, and my daughter is wearing a purple tutu with her PJs. She loves that tutu!
I made the cooked playdough from a recipe found at Then divided the warm lump into 10 equal balls. I used Wilton icing color for some unique color variety. The pot was a little messy but it cleaned up super easy. Here's the recipe I used:

3 cups flour
1.5 cups salt
6 tsp cream of tarter
3 tbsp oil
3 cups water
1. Dissolve salt in the water.
2. Pour all ingredients into a large pot.
3. Stir constantly over medium heat until a ball forms by pulling away from the sides.
4. Knead the dough mixture until the texture matches playdough (1-2 minutes).
Store in plastic container. Should last for at least 3 months.

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  1. Play dough is one of the favourite thing that children love to play. I didn't know it has been so easy to make play dough at home. Kids love to make things with it and enjoy playtime.